Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

How does oxygen treatment work?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy accelerates the body’s healing process through the inhalation of 100% medical grade oxygen in a pressurized environment. At Houston Hyperbarics, we use private hyperbaric chambers with HBOT, the level of oxygen in the bloodstream increases exponentially, which helps to mitigate infection to promote the healing of illnesses and injuries, anywhere from sports injuries, to diabetes, stroke, chronic pain, and much more.

Due to the high pressure, the oxygen is then pushed and carried to areas where circulation may be reduced or blocked, improving blood flow.
Since cells require oxygen to regenerate, the body is now able to heal itself at a faster rate.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a non-invasive and painless treatment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a therapy that has been around for a long time.

This treatment uses high pressure and 100% oxygen to bypass what the red blood cells do but at a much quicker rate and more efficiently.

HBOT forces 100% oxygen to your tissues which stimulates healing in the body.

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